Dr. Clint Young

Dr. Young is a west Tennessee farm boy who grew up around all kinds of animals on banks of the Mississippi River. Once he decided to put his saddle in the shed to attend college at UT he found that his passion for wildlife extended beyond JUST eating them: he also loved treating them! On graduation he worked as a mixed animal vet where he treated everything from Clydesdales to kinkajous, but later narrowed his focus down to primarily small animals (he still likes to mix it up sometimes, though).

He's had many uncanny veterinary adventures from biopsy of brains in deer on the Mexican border to combating chlamydia in koalas in the Australian outback but in the late 2010s, Dr. Young returned to the mountains of east TN with his amazing wife, 3 mischievous sons, and an entourage of random animals.



In one word, Oakwell is


Fun Facts

Plays a half dozen musical instruments poorly.

LOVES wound management.


Thank you Dr. Young for going above and beyond to help my Ellie!
Abby Cameron

Dr. Young is an outstanding veterinarian. My dogs have been under his care for years, and we wouldn't have it any other way.Tyler Ryan

Our sweet Bean saw Dr. Clint Young. He was so wonderful. Staff was extremely kind & knowledgeable. Highly recommend.Tasha Lilly

All the staff are super friendly and Dr. Young has been wonderful to our baby. They have fit us in last minute at times to address our concerns. I highly recommend this animal hospital to anyone looking to switch vets or getting started as new patients!
Sara Mattfeld

Staff was completely dedicated to helping and listening to me and emailed me all day as well as saw and treated my savannah monitor at an incredible price and swiftness. Without them my lizard wouldn’t have made it. After treatment my lizard is entirely different (in a good way) I completely recommend them especially Dr. Young and will be back.
Ashley Sparks

We were able to get an appointment quickly and Dr. Young was very knowledgeable. Excited to have a new vet option in town!Lexie Selzer

My Ahsoka is alive and flourishing today thanks the care received by Dr. Young. The very best Veterinarian's and Staff are at Oakwell.Melanie Smith

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