Meet Rita Avento

Rita has lived in Johnson City for more than 30 years and has nearly a decade of experience as a veterinary assistant. She holds several certifications and wears many hats - entrepreneur, personal trainer, martial arts instructor, personal chef, fitness nutrition coach, and retired licensed practical nurse. She is also a 4th-degree black belt in taekwondo.

In her off time, Rita enjoys spending time with her family and her six dogs -- Piper, Fern, Daisy Duke, Kallie, and Echo. She also loves plants and being outdoors.


Veterinary Assistant

In one word, Oakwell is


Fun Facts

Has more plants than should be allowed by law.


It was a very good experience. We are very satisfied with the treatment and the way our puppy and us were treated by all the staff. We highly recommend their services.
Kent Williams

Rita's Pet Family