Angel Fund

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Dedicated to providing life-saving treatments

At Oakwell Animal Hospital, we believe every pet deserves a fighting chance, regardless of the cost of their care or their owner's financial circumstances. Our Angel Fund is dedicated to providing life-saving treatments for dogs and cats in need. Your donation can help us cover the costs of critical care, surgeries, and medications for pets whose treatment needs exceed an owner’s financial ability.

With your support, we can save more lives and give pets the chance to thrive with their loving families.

Join us in making a difference today.

See Our Angel Fund in Action


Meet Brownie

Brownie came to Oakwell with lesions on her tongue, and as a result could never bathe herself well. She lived in the clinic during our early months of operation, needing to be bathed weekly by our staff. She greeted each new patient and was always available for a staff-break playtime. Last fall, our staff discovered some cancer in Brownie and knew her chances of a full recovery were slim. She was facing a painful final months with us.

The Angel Fund not only covers the cost of life-saving treatments but also provides financial support for compassionate services like euthanasia. For many pet owners, the decision to euthanize a beloved animal in pain is heart-wrenching, and the financial burden can add to their distress. Your donation helps us ensure that every pet, even in their final moments, receives the care and dignity they deserve.

Today, when you visit Oakwell Animal Hospital in Johnson City, you can say hi to Brownie in the lobby, where her ashes stay with us as a reminder of our work.



Meet Bones

He was intentionally starved by his former owner. When he arrived at Oakwell last year, he was so dehydrated and malnourished that he probably would have died within hours without life-saving medical intervention. Our team rushed to save him and he's recovered amazingly well but still has a long way to go before he's a healthy weight. One of our staff members, Brittany, has adopted him. Oakwell has paid for all of his care with our Angel Fund, giving this pup a new lease on life.




Join us in making a difference today.