Meet Brittany

Brittany is a Tennessee native but has traveled near and far, from various parts of the east coast to scuba diving in Thailand. She enjoys all things outdoorsy with her 3 kids and doggos including hiking, biking, and various primitive crafting.

She has a lifelong passion for animals both big and small which has laid the groundwork for her as a veterinary assistant for almost 10 years.


Veterinary Assistant

In one word, Oakwell is


Fun Facts

She has 7 dogs, 6 sugar gliders, 4 snakes, 3 small children, 2 parakeets (and a partridge in a pear tree) all on a 5-acre mini-farm.


New to the area and they welcomed my Romeo with loving care. Tech Brittany was Amazing!
Victoria Collins

The best vet I've ever encountered, the staff are incredible and very sweet and I have to give it to them when we went in with my dog we were terrified cause my boy isn't very friendly with strangers and he was sick so we had no clue what to expect, all around it was the best visit we ever had he also was so excited by the time we left and he loved all of them.Victoria Bailey

Brought my dog in as an emergency patient. I was a mess but the whole staff was so calm and reassuring. He was unable to stand so the vet sat on the floor with him. The techs carried him for bloodwork. He was diagnosed in 20 minutes and just a few minutes later we were on our way home with meds in hand.Brandy Boivin-Sampson

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