Meet Max

Max is from Bristol, Tennessee, and is currently attending East Tennessee State University. He loves caring for his own pets, including a green cheek conure, hedgehog, crested gecko, corn snake, and even freshwater shrimp.

While in school, Max has spent his summers working with a variety of wildlife, from sea lions to macaws. When not working with animals, Max loves reading and watching YouTube.


Veterinary Assistant

In one word, Oakwell is


Fun Facts

Has had up to nine aquariums running at one time.

Was in the top 0.7% of Dolly Parton listeners for Spotify in 2022.

Loves musical theatre.


This was the best vet experience I have ever had. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Sims, Barbara, and I believe their name was Max at the front desk. Everyone here radiates sunshine and love for animals.Jennifer Katanic

Awesome vets that go above and beyond for us and our pups. Definitely recommend!Sam Ball

The best vet I've ever encountered, the staff are incredible and very sweet and I have to give it to them when we went in with my dog we were terrified cause my boy isn't very friendly with strangers and he was sick so we had no clue what to expect, all around it was the best visit we ever had he also was so excited by the time we left and he loved all of them.
Victoria Bailey

Max's Pet Family