Puppy & Kitten Care

We can’t wait to meet your new furry friend! A vet visit should be one of the first things on the agenda for a new pet to make sure there are no diseases or issues they’re born with and to protect them from a wide variety of preventable diseases.

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting time and a vet check-up followed by vaccine booster visits is crucial to keep your new buddy healthy, happy, and on track for whatever your life together holds!

All puppies and kittens require their first examination and vaccination by six to eight weeks of age. Vaccinations will be boosted every two to four weeks until your pet is at least 16 weeks of age. During these visits, our team will treat any ailments discovered through physical examinations, blood tests, and parasite screening tests. Prevention begins as early as their first visit.

If possible, we recommend owners wait until eight weeks of age before separating a puppy or kitten from his/her mother to help avoid behavioral problems. We’re happy to sit down and answer all your puppy and kitten questions during your visits with us. Also, consider making an appointment before adopting or buying a pet to discuss with our vets which breed is right for you.

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